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Mitt Romney is Pro-Choice, NOT Pro-Life

Throughout his life, Governor Romney has strongly, and repeatedly stated that he is Pro-Choice. If you are planning on voting for Mitt Romney because you believe he is Pro-Life you are fighting against the Pro-Life movement. He is NOT Pro-Life. When it comes time to nominate the supreme court justices that will decide the future of abortion law, Governor Romney will not be putting a Pro-Life judge on the court.

While campaigning for the United States presidency in 2012, Governor Romney has often talked about his experience and record as governor of Massachusetts, making it a core part of his campaign. He is leaving out one key belief from his time as governor and throughout his life: He is Pro-Choice. He is NOT Pro-Life. He is only now claiming to be Pro-LIfe because he believes it is what people want to hear, not because he believes in it.